Where do we Perform?

So – where do we perform? Predominantly we are a Wakefield society, built up over the last 50+ years , so it only seems right we stick to our roots and perform at the magical Theatre Royal Wakefield whenever possible:

The theatre opened in 1894 as the Wakefield Opera House, and was built for a price of £13,000.

Theatre Royal Wakefield, the jewel in Wakefield’s crown, was the design and vision of famous architect Frank Matcham. Matcham was born on 22 November 1854 in a small village in Devon. He did his architectural apprenticeship and then went on to work in Wakefield and the surrounding area on a number of different occasions. In 1893 Matcham starting to work on the design for Theatre Royal Wakefield, and the following year the theatre opened to the public on 15 October 1894.

Theatre Royal Wakefield is one of the smallest remaining Matcham theatre auditoriums; it is a shining example of his work and demonstrates his incredible ability to deliver a beautiful theatrical environment within a very tight space! Matcham made what were groundbreaking changes, as he dispensed with the idea of public boxes flanking the theatre stage and utilised the concept of boxes at the rear of the dress circle seating area.

The auditorium displays all the artistic elements of a Matcham composition of workmanship; he expected a high standard of work and used various skilled practitioners with whom he worked on a regular basis to ensure his standards were maintained.

Theatre Royal Wakefield seating plan: